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January 14, 2004

Attribution is the highest form of flattery

We presume that at least half of you have heard all about Julia's well-waged fight against a certain gutless and apparently witless plagiarist named Bryan Lamb. We know we're a few days late, but today we'll add our contribution to Operation You Can Appreciate Without Stealing, Asshole.

Below are several gems that we wish we'd written ourselves, but since we didn't we'd like to share with enthusiastic praise. There are many more from many of you and others, but this is a recent sampling:

"I'll have you know I have several black Friendsters" -- The Onion

"Who replaced my morning Earl Grey with Infusion of Bitch on Wheels?" -- Hilatron

"(Paul O'Neill) has a pond in his backyard that he always keeps stocked with at least 5 frogs, 'Three for pettin' and two for lickin'!' " -- Aaron

"I'm always afraid that a beaming mother will hand over her baby, and I'll instantly react in 'special (bowling ball) hold' mode, and I'll scoop the baby into the air using my right hand: 'Now I get to keep her for a few turns, right? Because I need to warm up and practice. For some reason, my first throw is always a gutterbaby.'" -- Greg

"I don’t harbor any grand philosophical belief in man’s irresistible need to return to the womb. Sure, I like to swing by there as much as possible, but I don’t know if there’s actually some deep-seeded biological necessity." -- CW

"Spontaneity has its time and its place." -- Daphne Zuniga in The Sure Thing

"You're not going anywhere, Mr. Sausage." -- Stark Sands to Jason Priestly in Die, Mommie, Die

"Hey, stupid bitch, watch where the fuck you're going." -- The guy on the subway escalator

So you see, giving credit where credit is due is not difficult, and in fact marvelling in the joy of someone else's creativity can be quite satisfying. Not to mention the satisfaction of creating something for the first time yourself. When you steal someone else's words without attribution, everyone loses. Well, not really, just you. Go try bad poetry for a while, and come back to your blog when you're not such an "asshat" (Julia).

Posted by The Twins at January 14, 2004 11:11 AM

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Thanks for the props! And sorry about the guy on the subway. Some people are just asshats.

Posted by: Hilatron at January 14, 2004 11:40 AM

my favorite borrowed phrase is "patience is a virtue i have no time for" Jodi of jodiverse.com

Posted by: snowy at January 14, 2004 01:12 PM

So very nicely done.

Posted by: jules at January 16, 2004 04:50 PM