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October 26, 2003

Let's do the timewarp again

This weekend was about as H.G. Wellian as they come. We half expected Christopher Lloyd to pop out from behind the bushes at every turn. On Friday, Girl-E and Girl-C rented Psycho Beach Party, which if you haven't seen it (tsk tsk) is a combination 50s psychodrama, 60s beach frollick, 70s slasher film, produced with a 90s John Waters-esque flair. Yes, they had gone to a Psycho Beach Party party just the night before, but were left blueballed by the fact that the party was in a bar and the movie was just playing on a loop silently in the background. Wholly unsatisfactory. After the movie, they watched the '88 and '89 installments of VH1's I Love the 80s Strikes Back (endless weeks of nightmares looming about John Stamos's hair), and then a few mid-90s episodes of Mr. Show.

Saturday scoobied back just as dramatically, as Comedy Central graced the screen with the mid-80s gems of Weird Science and The Heavenly Kid. By the way, there has been no music made in the history of music that can even approach the soundtrack of this movie in it's stupifying degree of assitude. It was like someone handed out Casio keyboards to the fans at an Air Supply concert and told them to make up music about their latest triumphs and tribulations on the spot. Saturday night was a gala fundraiser for the high school that The Dude went to and now teaches at, teeming with old high school classmates and plenty of wretched musical flashbacks courtesy of the band.

Today, at the first anniversary party for The Leisure Agency, conversation seemed always to come full circle to talk of Transformers and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Except there was lots of booze. Thank god for adulthood.

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