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October 23, 2003

H-A-Double-L... what the fuck?!?

We would like everyone to notice that the date header above says October 23. October is about crisp, colorful leaves, post-season baseball, trick-or-treating, dressing up like Stevie Nicks. OCTOBER IS NOT ABOUT SNOW. Snow and October shouldn't even be thought in the same thought. So waking up this morning to a mid-autumn wonderland was, let's just say, not even remotely magical.

A year ago in Turkey, when Girl-E would have rather had a tooth pulled daily than go to her teaching job, this would have been more than welcome. Especially considering that Istanbul has one guy with a shovel to clean up a city of 15 million people, and school once closed for a week due to a 2-inch snowfall. But right now, this is freakin' ridiculous, especially for a girl who is uncomfortable outside of the 63-79 degree range.

It seems to be stopping, but the concept is still revolting. This better not screw up the Psycho Beach Party party she's going to tonight.

Posted by The Twins at October 23, 2003 09:40 AM

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site's looking spiffy! and the ghost cracked me up. heh...

i had the same reaction to the snow. be gone flakes of frozen water! blech.

Posted by: kat at October 23, 2003 11:05 AM

Now that I've found your new blog, I'm going to update my link, so the massive numbers of readers who come here from e-Booch (there are vast quantities, I tell you, stop snickering...) will actually get to read your outstanding new material. And appreciate your ghost.

Posted by: Booch at October 24, 2003 10:59 AM

It's the same address, unless you had the blogspot URL on your links. But thanks, man!

Posted by: EV at October 24, 2003 11:06 AM


can't stay and read, scary ghost gonna get me.

Posted by: snowshoe at October 24, 2003 03:26 PM

I'll trade ya. It's still over 90 degrees here.

Posted by: stennie at October 25, 2003 02:01 AM