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October 08, 2003


It is a drop-dead gorgeous day today in Boston. Inspired, Girl-E virtuously spent her lunch hour at a noon kickboxing class. She believes she deserves extra kudos because she wore a skirt and nylons to work today, and obviously credit is due for overcoming the extra degree of clothes-changing difficulty. She left the campus gym, blood pumping, oxygen flowing, endorphins activated, tra la la. She stepped out into the sunshine, and joyously realizing she did not need her jacket, stopped to remove it and fold it in her bag. A beautiful young Indian girl stopped beside her and said "excuse me...", and Girl-E thought "oh how lovely to be able on this fine day to help this young girl with whatever advice or directions she might need," and the girl continued "um... your zipper is... um..."

At least the guys in the weightroom right outside the women's locker room had some lunchtime entertainment. And at least the damn Diet Pepsi Slurpee machine worked today.

Posted by The Twins at October 8, 2003 02:15 PM

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