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October 10, 2003


Thanks going out to Christopher Columbus for the upcoming much needed three-day weekend. Thanks also to the folks below for the words of kind support regarding Girl-E's freak out. She still has that dull nauseous post-cryfest feeling but is trying to change her latitude, as the good folks at Corona would say. She also has that linear, check-list kind of personality that, despite a smug superiority complex, makes her have absolutely no qualms about seeing a therapist. Because hey, that's what they're there for, to fix that there right up.

There are many good things about working at a large university, one of them being that it is total one-stop shopping for everything. Books, aerobics classes, doctors, subsidized subway passes, massage therapy, discounted car insurance, shiatsu, adoption services, shrinks. All in a three-block radius and exclusively available to university affiliates. Shwing.

A number of feel-good plans for the weekend, including a trip to Provincetown and a county fair. Disappointed to hear the warning from Girl-C not to eat the fried pickles no matter how good they look, but I'm sure we'll find something.

Posted by The Twins at October 10, 2003 10:23 AM

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