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October 19, 2003

Nudge, nudge, say no more

This weekend was fuller'n a bladder on St. Patty's Day. Since Girl-E's mom reads the blog, we held off on sharing the plan to get a number of her relatives and bestest buddies from college to come up from along the Eastern Seaboard for a surprise 60th partay. Since people had varied travel plans, there were four separate surprise appearances, shrieking and hugging and drinking all around. Good times.

Today Girl-E and mom headed with aunt and cousin to watch the Head of the Charles, but given the weather spent much of the time buying Harvard paraphernalia like good little tourists. Girl-E also slipped away to another audition, which went fairly well, but given her current pessimistic phase we won't say much on that either way.

Tonight, Girl-E's present to her mom was to go see Eric Idle, who happened to be performing this evening in town. About 80 percent of the show was old Python material. Now, there is no doubt that no one would bother to go see Eric Idle if they are not a Python fan, and of course the audience would have left in a huff if deprived of I Like Chinese or The Lumberjack Song. But one kind of hopes that seeing as Eric is supposedly an inherently funny person, he could come upwith a little new material to keep us interested in him as an individual. But it was funny anyway, and I suppose that is the age-old dilemma for entertainers in their post-post-prime era. He did have a new song about the filthy pictures in the Getty Museum, and a national anthem called "We're Better Than You Are".

Oh and yeah, the dorkitude meter in that theater was going off the freaking charts. But what can you do.

Posted by The Twins at October 19, 2003 09:52 AM

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For any of you boo-lovers who may look back for comments a few days after a posting---let me just declare to one and all that I have the greatest kid money can buy! While not, perhaps, the nadir of my existence, turning 60 was certainly not a highlight--except it was! Evie's surprise party just bowled me over. It was the sweetest, nicest thing she could ever have done, and I happily add it to a long list of SNTs under her name. Some day, all of you will turn 60 (yes, I'm telling you, it WILL happen--only a few short years after you turn 39!) And when you do, it is my fondest wish that your kids, too, will yank all your old nearest-and-dearest cronies out of their rockers to share the day with you. As I'm sure you have an inkling already, these life-long friendships are the true measure of your wealth. And I'm pleased to say that not only do I have a Perfect Child, but I'm one Rich Bitch as well! Love you, Kiddo!

Posted by: Yo Mama at October 23, 2003 05:23 PM