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August 04, 2003


It's nearly 5am. Girl-E can't sleep, she's got achy knees and a sore throat, basically the Chi is just all off. Oh, and she can't stop thinking about sushi. And she had sudden anxiety at 3:30 that she'd accidentally replied-to-all on an email for which that would have been a decidedly bad move. No need for panic, she didn't. The New England air right now has roughly the consistency of Cream of Wheat. She liked the idea of a freshly painted dining room, but the reality that she is actually going to paint tomorrow (today) is making her grumpy. She's decided it would, in fact, be worth it to have freakishly large thumbs if she otherwise looked like Princess Grace. She can't decide whether her next haircut should be before the trip to California, or before starting work in September. Probably California. It feels important that she decide very soon whom to support in the '04 primary. There's no milk. Now it's ten past five.

Posted by The Twins at August 4, 2003 05:13 AM

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