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March 24, 2003

I fix broke stuff

Still not having cable (don't get us started), we've managed to essentially avoid the round-the-clock war coverage (cable=news in English). However, Girl-E and The Dude can't be satisfied with blissful ignorance, so there has been some friends-with-cable-apartment-hopping. Tonight, BBC World broadcast the Iraqi television video of captured U.S. soldiers. Apparently, some of the prisoners are not frontline servicement but part of a maintenance team. When asked why he came here to kill innocent people, a young man from Kansas replied "I did'n come here to kill nobody, I fix broke stuff."

While the first reaction is obviously to giggle (partly from the statement itself, partly from the nervous uneasiness of the whole scenario), we started to think about what a pure, positive thing it is to be able to describe your purpose in life as fixing broke stuff. So what if the broke stuff is a machine of destruction, it's still broke stuff that needs fixin, and the world would be nowhere without the folks who know how to do that kind of thing. There is not much broke stuff that Girl-E can actually fix, and we even less, but if ever granted with such talents here is the broke stuff that we would like to fix:

race relations
the body lotion cap that exploded all over the bathroom this morning
the cats' water-recycling kitty fountain*
the Blogger function that would allow us to erase the empty week from our archive index
the printer's paper tray*
public school funding
the death penalty
John Ashcroft
the handheld shower head
Girl-E's gym attendance
free-market capitalism
the zipper on most L.L. Bean jackets
widespread use of public transit
the conscience of warmongers everywhere

*stuff broke by the cats, abridged list

Posted by The Twins at March 24, 2003 03:45 PM

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