About the twins

We are Leto and Roz, a pair of not-quite-identical twins belonging to a twenty-something lady called Girl-E. We have a love-hate relationship with Girl-E. We suspect she feels the same. We're sure that she is at times quite proud of us, but at others we think she would be happy to disown us altogether and chuck us into the street. She treats us fine, but doesn't give us all too much freedom, which is one reason we decided to branch out with this blog. We spend hours every day staring at a computer anyway, so we might as well be productive about it.

We grew up with Girl-E in Southern California, but didn't really gain a mature consciousness until a stint in New Jersey. Something in the water, maybe. Anyway, we have faithfully if grudgingly stood by Girl-E through all kinds of things she thinks are important. We have been living in Boston, Massachusetts for almost five years, with a year-long sojourn to Istanbul, Turkey, when Girl-E was feeling worldly.

Girl-E, if you're reading this, lighten up.

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